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Birth photography is probably a new concept for a lot of people, but it's growing trend. The New York Times printed an article in June 2012 that referred to it as "chronicling a rite of passage that is no less significant than a wedding".

Many people are taken aback at the mention of birth photography and ask "what do you take pictures of exactly?", but it is probably not what you first think. It's about capturing the anticipation, the emotions, and of course, the moment. There are no graphic images of the female anatomy. I am not there to invade your privacy or to make you feel uncomfortable, but rather to document all of the moments and interactions that make up the incredible experience of giving birth. Please know that you will have total control over the pictures that are taken and I do my best to honor all photo requests.

A birth story is as unique as a fingerprint. No two can be alike. Your story will be wonderful and filled with many amazing moments and details, from ice chips to contractions to finally holding that precious newly born life. But a mother's focus is not always on the different aspects coming together to form this birth story and rightly so. More often than not, her mind is on one thing only - getting baby out! Having a birth photographer present will allow the mother and father to relive the experience through the images and take in the details they missed or were not aware of. It also becomes priceless to a child as they get older. This event will change your life and it deserves to be captured and remembered.

Unlike most photography sessions, there will be no posing or direction on where to stand. I observe and capture the story and emotions surrounding you with a photojournalistic approach, from details of the room to your husband holding your hand for support. I try to take photographs from angles that are pleasing and flattering as well as tasteful and modest. I stand near the mother's head during the time of delivery in order to get that shot of the first breath. I take the pictures in color but then they are all processed into black and white. I believe it helps soften some of the harsh realities of birth and it also tells a stronger story.

Some people ask me why can't the father or birth partner do it. They can by all means. However, when you think about it - do you want that person supporting you and holding your hand or do you want them holding a camera? 

And think about this, if you plan to take pictures of your child throughout their life - doesn't it make sense to start at the very beginning?

A child’s birth is a wonderful, emotional, and magical experience. Be sure to capture all of it in images, so that you can relive the joy over and over again. Birth photography is often easier to show, than to explain. So please continue to look around.

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