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august 24, 2015

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of.  Well, maybe not quite but it's a cute nursery rhyme anyway.   I haven't quite done the math of percentages but it seems like the majority of my client's babes carry the XX chromosome card.  I suppose at some point it may even out to more a 50/50 ratio but right now it's really lopsided.  I guess this mother of two girly-girls didn't get the message or perhaps the fads just change that often.

july 19, 2015

Cliches are so silly but they are so true, especially any that are about how time passes so quickly.  

We are each given the same amount of hours in a day and even though summer is suppose to have "longer" days, I am just not getting as much done as I wish.  It makes me realize that I need to sit down and reassess.  What am I doing?  What do I want to do?  How can I accomplish those things?  And before anyone starts to wonder, YES - I certainly want to keep doing birth photography!

In respect to time, I'll keep this post brief.  May each of us have the hours we need, not necessarily want, in each day.  God bless!

may 27, 2015

The amazing image to the right is a wonderful example of David Paal's work.  It symbolizes so many things at a very difficult time.  Here's the long story...  I took my first session with NILMDTS last Thursday. I was also invited by the family to the funeral. On my way there, I received the shocking news of an accident that took the life of a truly wonderful man from Mapleton. It felt as if the heavens were crying while the rain poured yesterday. To see that small white baby casket was more than I could hardly bear. And to think of the families with their burdens of sorrow. I hate the feeling of helplessness that prevailed. To know others are in such pain and grief... I won't continue to post much about my NILMDTS sessions because that isn't what I want this page to be about but I do want everyone to remind themselves that every baby is a miracle. Do not take "normal" for granted. Do not take healthy for granted. Do not take life for granted. Smother your loved ones in hugs, kisses, and I Love Yous. It's cliche because it's the truth, life is too short and oh so precious. As the past few days have taught me, a life can have a huge impact regardless of its length.  And so when I look at this picture, I am at a loss for words.  But then I think, that's what pictures are for - to often express what we can not verbally.  God bless.

april 30, 2015

An unexpected perk of my job is when I bump into former birth families.  It can be at the grocery store or at one of the coffee shops that I claim for a temp office or anywhere and it's always exciting for me.  (Hopefully it's also positive for them as well.  I'd hate for people to feel like running the opposite direction, though we all have those days.)  Running into these people reminds me that our lives are so often intertwined, whether we realize it or not.  And of course, it's extra special if they have their little one along.  Getting to see the development of the little baby that I was a witness to come into this world is difficult for me to express.  

And that's why my friends, I take pictures instead of write.

april 16, 2015

It is with a very humble heart and many other emotions that I can't quite identify, that I announce that I have been accepted as a photographer with the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS) organization.

If you aren't familiar with this organization, first maybe consider yourself lucky and then take the time to learn a little about it. It is an organized group of volunteers made up of photographers and other support persons that provide remembrance photography to parents and families that are suffering the loss of a precious little life. It is all provided to them at no cost. It is the organization's belief and one that I subscribe to as well, these images are very important in the grief and healing process. These images also honor their child's legacy.

There are several ways to volunteer aside from photographing, so if interested, please let me know.

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april 9, 2015

Last night I attended the quarterly meeting of a group that I'm proud to be a part of - The Deep Valley Birth Collective.  It is a group of child birth educators, doulas, photographers, midwives, chiropractors, and the list goes on and on! Check out, LIKE the Deep Valley Birth Collective on Facebook, and SHARE the wonderful resources that are right in our community!

april 2, 2015

Please don't hate me now that I'm adding a blog.  I realize I'm about a decade behind the times.  And let's not even get into the fashion faux pas I make by wearing last season's trends or whatever the fashion police say.  I'm a firm believer in everyone finding their own style that they are comfortable with, which can certainly include pieces from the Target, thrift store, and even the hardware store collections.  My blogging goal is not to wax poetic or make bold statements on the moral decline of our society.  (what's the emoticon for dripping sarcasm?  not that I really care - life is too short)  My goal is actually more self-serving or rather, business-serving.  I've been told that Google loves websites that include a lot of fresh content.   So, that is my blog's purpose.  It would amaze me if anyone actually read it.  All this social media stuff gets kinda ridiculous after a while but I'll play the game because I want to succeed badly enough.  Plus I kinda like the idea of being "fresh" .  

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